Copy your .bin and .param files



Your Pixhawk flight log [.bin] and Pixhawk parameter files [.param] are often needed for technical support. Do the following to copy them off of your Pixhawk.

Copy your .parameter file

The .param file contains all of the parameters [configuration settings] on your Pixhawk. Do the following to copy your .param file off your Pixhawk:

  1. Connect to your Pixhawk with Mission Planner and go to CONFIG/TUNING > Full Parameter Tree.
  2. Press the Save to File button.
  3. Name the file and press the Save button.

Copy your .bin file

Your .bin files are stored on your Pixhawk's Micro SD card. Each time you power up and arm your Pixhawk a new .bin file is created. All flight information is logged and stored in the .bin file. Do the following to copy your .bin file:

  1. Remove the Micro SD card from your Pixhawk.
  2. Place the Micro SD card into your card reader.
  3. Navigate to USB Drive > APM > LOGS and copy the .bin file that corresponds with the flight in question.