Micasense RedEdge UAV Mapper Installation


Do the following to configure a Micasense RedEdge multispectral camera in a Tuffwing UAV Mapper.

RedEdge Setup

  1. Solder a servo plug to the 3 pin DF13 cable that is included with the RedEdge. Red to red, black to black, white to white.
  3. Connect the 3 pin DF12 to any open AUX Port on the back of your Pixhawk. You will need to provide 5 volts to the back of the Pixhawk. The 5 amp BEC on the Plush40 ESC has been tested.
  4. Connect an external GPS to the RedEdge's GPS port using a 6 pin DF13 connector. The RedEdge uses a "3DR" style connector but you can fit a Chinese 6 pin connector.

  5. Power up the RedEdge by plugging the servo cable into a 5 volt UBEC or ESC.

  7. The RedEdge will create a WiFi access point. Connect to rededge########. Password is micasense.
  8. Start your web browser and go to

  10. Select the Settings tab and configure your RedEdge as shown and Save.

Configure your Pixhawk

Set the following parameters on your Pixhawk.




RELAY_PIN 51  You can use any available Relay Pins 50 to 55. This where you will connect the RedEdge to the Pixhawk.

Right-click on the map and select Trigger Camera NOW. If everything is setup correctly your Pixhawk will trigger the Canon camera to take a picture and is capable of triggering pictures using GPS distance.

Mission Planning

  1. Read Best practices: Collecting Data with MicaSense RedEdge and Parrot Sequoia.
  2. Start Mission Planner > Flight Plan
  3. Right-Click
  4. On the Simple tab select:
    • Camera: RedEdge
    • Altitude (m): 100
    • Camera top facing forward
  5. On the Grid Options tab set:
    • Both Overshoot [m]: 70
    • LeadIn [m]: 70
    • Overlap% [m]: 70
    • Sidelap% [m]: 70
    • Set Min Lane separation to 1