Geotag pictures with a Pixhawk log file and Mission Planner


Do the following to geotag your pictures with a Pixhawk log file.

  1. Remove your microSD card from your Pixhawk.
  2. Place your microSD card into a microSD card reader and view the files in Windows.
  3. Navigate to USB: > APM > LOGS.
  4. Locate the .bin file that was recorded during your photo mission. Copy it to the folder containing your pictures.

  6. Start Mission Planner > Control + F, then select the Geo ref images button.

  8. Select Browse log and select your .bin file.
  9. Select Browse Pictures and open the folder containing your pictures.
  10. Select CAM Message Synchro (DF Log only).
  11. Select Use AMSL Alt (GPS Altitude Above Mean Sea Level).
  12. Select Pre-Process.
    Note: You must have the same number of CAM messages recorded in your Pixhawk .bin file as you have photos. Mission Planner will abort the geotagging process if there is a mismatch. Use a hot shoe geotag cable to avoid mismatches.
  13. Select GeoTag Images.
  14. A new set of geotagged photos will be created in ../Your Pictures Folder/geotagged.