Install an Analog Airspeed Sensor on a Pixhawk



You can connect an analog airspeed sensor to a Pixhawk. The performance between the digital and analog is indistinguishable. Hobbyking analog airspeed sensors will work on a 3DR Pixhawk, but Hobbyking digital airspeed sensors will not work with 3DR Pixhawk. Do the following to connect an analog airspeed sensor to your pixhawk.

  1. Find a donor DF13 cable and cut as shown.
  1. Solder the DF13 cable to a male servo cable as shown.
  1. Connect the DF13 cable to the  ADC 6.6 V port.
  2. Start Mission Planner, Connect, and go to CONFIG/TUNING > Full Parameter Tree > ARSPD.
    • Set ARSPD_PIN to 15.
    • Set ARSPD_USE to 1.
  1. Check airspeed reading on HUD. It typically reads between 1 and 3 while the plane is at 0 Ground Speed. Blow into the pitot tube to verify AS increases.