Reach hot shoe time mark cable



The Tuffwing/Reach hot shoe cable sends a signal from your camera's hot shoe to both the Reach Module and Pixhawk. The signal adds time marks used for geotags to the Reach RINEX log file and the Pixhawk DataFlash log.



  1. Connect to the Reach Module
    • Original Reach Module: Use the connector opposite of the Micro USB
    • Reach M+: Use connector C1.
  2. Plug the male servo lead into AUX OUT 4 (Pin 53).
    Note: Your must also have an ESC or BEC providing 4.75v - 5.5v to the back of your Pixhawk,
  3. Set CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN to 53 and CAM_FEEDBACK_POLL to 1. This allows the cable to write geotag time to the Pixhawk DataFlash log and Mission Planner will display camera icons during flight. The camera icons confirm your camera is in fact taking pictures during the mission.
  4. Plug the hot shoe cable into your camera's hot shoe.
  5. You can use this hot shoe adapter if you have a Sony Nex 5 camera.

  6. Set the antenna on a ground plane as close to the camera lens as possible.


  • No further configuration for the Reach hot shoe cable is required. Your camera will automatically trigger the hot shoe and the your Reach will automatically record events.
  • The DF13 connectors on the Reach are easy to break. Plug your hot shoe cable in once. Disconnect using servo connectors.
  • The hot shoe cable is compatible with all "Standard" hot shoes.