Whether it's a combat crash or a rough landing, nothing bounces back like a TuffWing. It's made of super strong EPP foam and it's reinforced with five carbon fiber spars for all out hi-speed flying. A 24" or 32" wingspan make them the perfect size for throwing in the trunk of your car, so you're always ready fly.


  • EPP foam wings, CoroPlast accessories, carbon fiber spars, and light weight make the TuffWing nearly indestructible.

  • Assembles in about 2 hours. Pre-painted, pre-hinged, servo holes pre-cut, control rods pre-cut with Z bends, motor mount pre-drilled, builds with CA.

  • Long battery life - 12 minutes at wide open throttle, or 30 minute relaxed flight times with a 1000 mAh LiPo on the 24" TuffWing or a 2200 mAh LiPo on the 32" Tuffwing.

  • 70 plus MPH right out of the bag.

  • CAD drawn and CNC cut parts ensure a precision fit.

  • High contrast paint scheme makes it easy to see your TuffWing and distinguish its top from bottom.

  • Illustrated manual and complete hardware pack.

Five piece carbon fiber spar system makes the TuffWing extremely rigid for hi-speed action.

Servos and control linkages are located on the top of the wing so you don't have to worry about damaging them on rough landings.

CAD designed and CNC router cut motor mount builds in minutes with CA.

The recommended "CD ROM" type motor provides unlimited vertical.

Roomy electronics bay give lots of options for battery, speed control, and receiver.

With its low parts count and high prefabrication, building a TuffWing only takes a couple of hours.


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