UAV Mapper

UAV Mapper User Guide

Airframe assembly

Electronics and Pixhawk installation guide

Transmitter and Pixhawk configuration guide

Parachute installation

Bungee Installation

Install an analog airspeed sensor on a Pixhawk

Send in your .param and .bin files for technical support

3D Printable files

Reach Precision GPS

Phantom 4 Pro PPK Integration kit

Simple Reach PPK tutorial

Reach Setup for PPK Processing on a UAV *work in progress

Reach hot shoe cable

Reach: Example data set

Camera Configuration

Canon CHDK: Trigger with Pixhawk

Sony Nex 5 and a6000: Trigger with Pixhawk

Micasense RedEdge: Trigger with Pixhawk

Flir Vue Pro: Trigger and Geotag with Pixhawk

Canon precision geotag cable

Hot shoe precision geotag cable

Do I need a BEC for my Pixhawk to Canon trigger cable?

Geotag pictures with a Pixhawk log file and Mission Planner

Georeference pictures using a Pixhawk log file and Pix4D

Geotag GoPro images using a Pixhawk log file and Mission Planner