UAV Mapper V1.8 Manufactured 2019

UAV Mapper User Guide

Airframe assembly

Electronics and Pixhawk installation guide

Transmitter and Pixhawk configuration guide

Parachute installation

Bungee Installation

Install an analog airspeed sensor on a Pixhawk

Send in your .param and .bin files for technical support

3D Printable files

UAV Mapper V1.7 Manufactured 2017-2018

UAV V1.7 Mapper User Guide 

UAV Mapper V1.6 Manufactured 2015-2016

UAV Mapper 1.6 User Guide

Reach Precision GPS

Phantom 4 Pro PPK Integration kit

Simple Reach PPK tutorial

Reach Setup for PPK Processing on a UAV *work in progress

Reach hot shoe cable

Reach: Example data set

Camera Configuration

Canon CHDK: Trigger with Pixhawk

Sony Nex 5 and a6000: Trigger with Pixhawk

Micasense RedEdge: Trigger with Pixhawk

Flir Vue Pro: Trigger and Geotag with Pixhawk

Canon precision geotag cable

Hot shoe precision geotag cable

Do I need a BEC for my Pixhawk to Canon trigger cable?

Geotag pictures with a Pixhawk log file and Mission Planner

Georeference pictures using a Pixhawk log file and Pix4D

Geotag GoPro images using a Pixhawk log file and Mission Planner