UAV Mapper Airframe Assembly Guide


Do the following in sequence to build your UAV Mapper airframe.

  1. Kit contents
  2. Building materials
  3. Glue spar tips
  4. Install the control horns
  5. Install the quick connects
  6. Install the winglets
  7. Install the airspeed pitot tube mount

Kit contents

  • EPP wing set and body
  • Control horns (2)
  • 10mm x 31” carbon fiber tube - center wing spar (1)
  • 10mm x 28” carbon fiber tube – leading edge wing spars (2)
  • Control rod with Z bend (2)
  • Control rod quick connect (2)
  • Zip ties for pitot tube (2)
  • 3/32" Imperial hex key for quick connect
  • 3mm x 8mm motor mount screws (4)
  • Servo extensions

Building materials - not included

  • Hot glue.
  • Medium CA. Foam safe NOT required.
  • CA activator

Glue the spar tips

  1. Use CA to glue the center spar tips to the spar.

Install the control horns

  1. Drip medium CA into the control horn gap.
  2. Quickly press the control horn into the gap.
  3. Spray with CA accelerator.
  4. Do both sides.

Install the quick connects and pushrods

  1. Insert the pushrod quick connect on the tip side of the wing as shown. Press the black nylon washer on with pliers.

Install the Winglets

  1. Insert the leading edge spar backwards so you can align the winglet.
  2. Apply hot glue the wing tip.
  3. Slide winglet over spar and align bottom edge, then firmly press together until hot glue cools. Do both sides.

Install the airspeed pitot mount

  1. Install wing first, then hot glue the pitot tube mount to the left side of the body. Align notch in pitot mount with coro-plast on wing as shown. Do not glue pitot mount to the wing top.

Complete Airframe

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