UAV Mapper

UAV Mapper is an incredibly durable, affordable, commercial grade aerial mapping camera platform. The airframe was designed for the Pixhawk autopilot and carries popular UAV cameras including: Sony mirrorless cameras, Sequoia, RedEdge, Flir Vue, Mapir, and SlantRange. It's made of safe, durable EPP foam and is reinforced with carbon fiber tubes. Its all up flying weight (with a NEX5) is less than 1.9 kg, which is below the FAA proposed requirement for a Micro UAS. It can stay in the air for about 40 minutes on a single charge, which will easily photograph a square kilometer while flying at 100 meters. The flying wing design flies better in strong winds than a traditional airplane and is more portable. Whether you want a ready to go solution or just an airframe, there's a UAV Mapper for you.

Ready to Fly

Ready to fly factory built UAV Mapper with parachute. Add your Sony Nex-5 / a6000, Canon S110, RedEdge, or Sequoia and a Windows notebook. Includes:

  • UAV Mapper airframe
  • Pixhawk flight controller
  • Telemetry radios, 433mhz Europe,  915mhz rest of world
  • Mars mini parachute
  • Airspeed sensor
  • Taranis X7 RC transmitter and L9R long range receiver
  • Corona digital servos
  • Two 5000 - 6000 mah 4S lipo batteries
  • Basic lipo battery charger
  • Two spare APC propellers
  • Camera trigger cable (Sony IR, Canon CHDK, or RedEdge). Sequoia cameras are self triggered so only a 5 volt micro USB for power is included.
  • Precision geotag feedback cable (Sony hot shoe or Canon phototransistor). Not for Sequoia.
  • Camera mount for Canon S110 or Sony Nex-5 / a6000 with Sony 16mm or 20mm lens, RedEdge, or Sequoia.
  • Reusable shipping box. 36"x12"x12" 275lb crush resistant.

UAV Mapper airframe

The perfect aerial mapping platform for the do it yourselfer. The UAV Mapper kit is pre-built and only requires 2 pieces be glued. Everything is CNC cut for a perfect fit and easy assembly. It's Pixhawk ready with laser cut Velcro for all components. You can choose a mount for Sony mirrorless with a Sony 16mm or 20mm lens, Sequoia, or RedEdge. No electronics are included. See Electronics section of UAV Mapper Electronics and Pixhawk Installation Guide for list. Extensive build and configuration documentation.


Wingspan: 48" (1219 cm)
Wing Area: 595 in.2 (15113 mm2)
Weight - with standard camera and battery: 1.9 kg with Nex-5. Below the 4.4 pound (2 kg) FAA proposed requirements for a Micro UAS.
Weight - Maximum: 4.4 pounds (2kg)
Material: EPP foam, carbon fiber tubes, Coroplast, plywood
Camera: Mounts for Sony Nex5 / a6000, Sequoia, RedEdge
Camera trigger: GPS triggered
Battery: 5000 - 6000 mAh, 4 cell, lithium polymer
Flight controller: Pixhawk
Manual flight control: Taranis X7
Flight planning software: Mission Planner
Endurance: 40 minutes
Max safe survey area per flight: 275 acres (1 km2 ) while flying 100 meters altitude
Minimum air speed: 17 meters per second
Minimum automatic landing area: 100 ft. x 600 ft.
Launch method: Hand or bungee
Image geotag method: Pixhawk flight log file synced with photos, Emlid Reach (PPK) position file synched to photos, or on board camera GPS (Sequoia, RedEdge)


UAV Mapper airframe assembly guide

UAV Mapper electronics and Pixhawk installation guide

UAV Mapper Pixhawk configuration guide

UAV Mapper user guide

Parachute installation guide

Configuring the camera trigger cable

Install KAP Exposure Control Script 3.6

Do I need a BEC for my Pixhawk to Canon trigger cable?

Georeferencing Photos Using a Pixhawk Log File and Pix4D

Geotagging GoPro images using a Pixhawk log file and Mission Planner

How to setup and automatic take off and landing


Incredibly strong 10 mm carbon fiber spars slide into precision CNC cut holes aligning the air frame and ensuring the plane is rigid. Just pull the leading edge spars out to remove the wings for easy transport.

Canon S110 mount. A replaceable glass cover protects the lens when landing in dusty conditions.

Sony Nex5 / a6000 with 2.8/16mm or 2.8 20mm pancake lens mount.

UAV Mapper Sequoia Mount

Sequoia mount.

Laser cut Velcro makes it easy to install a Pixhawk, choose different camera mounts, or exchange an entire airframe if it's damaged. The camera sits directly on the center of gravity allowing you to fly without a camera, or load it with any camera that will fit up to 500 grams.

Durable Coroplast belly for landing on rough surfaces. Camera lens protected by recessed glass cover.

Don't fear the transmitter. The UAV Mapper takes off, flies, takes pictures, and lands fully autonomously. However, you are always in control and can easily switch flight modes between Fly By Wire, Auto, and Return to Launch.

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